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Inventor's Submission Questionnaire & Release

This form is designed to be filled out and submitted online, however if you would like to mail or fax the form along with any neccessary docoumentation, you may print the form and mail it in.  If submitting a printed copy, it would be appreciated if any images or detailed information would be submitted via CD or a digital device.

Inventor Contact Information

Status Of Invention

Current Proprietary Position

Marketing & Licensing Efforts

Invention Description

Invention Drawing

  • Enerco Group Inc. accepts and encourages the submission of outside ideas, inventions, and/or information regularly with the following understanding: Submission of an idea or invention, patented or unpatented, is gratuitous, creates no confidential relationship with the company and does not obligate the company to accept or pay for the idea or invention or to pay any expenses the inventor may incur in making the submission. It is the intent of Enerco Group Inc. to limit the disclosure of this idea to only those required to evaluate the concept, both within and, on occasion, outside of Enerco Group Inc.

Release Form

  • I have read and understand the above statement. In consideration of Enerco Group Inc. examining my suggestion, idea or invention described above, I hereby release Enerco Group Inc. from any obligation or liability with respect to any information submitted them.
  • If submitted via the website, the submission form will not be "signed" in the sense of a traditional paper document. To verify the contents of the form, the signatory must enter any alpha/numeric character(s) or combination thereof of his or her choosing preceded and followed by the forward slash (/) symbol. The USPTO does not determine or pre-approve what the entry should be, but simply presumes that this specific entry has been adopted to serve the function of the signature. Most signatories simply enter their names between the two forward slashes, although acceptable "signatures" could include /john doe/; /jd/; or /123-4567/.
  • If printing the form and sending via mail or fax, please sign in the above box


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